Fear the Reader

One of my fears is putting myself out there to the world in an authentic way. This is because I learned at an early age that it’s wrong to make mistakes or to “mess up”, and I worry that if someone sees my flaws or something about me they don’t like,  or disagrees with my opinions, then I am wrong, and…


Here’s the rub: I can try to be as perfect as possible, but I can’t control how others see me or make them agree with me. Therefore, no matter how hard I try, at some point I will be wrong to someone.

So what’s a girl to do??

Well, this girl decided she needed to do something about this crazy fear and along came Kylie Patchett of Making Friends With Fear. I’ve spent the last 4 1/2 months chatting and working with Kylie and some other gorgeous ladies to change my mindset and create a blissful business.

I have struggled every time I tried to start a business and I never understood why. I thought I was too lazy or not smart enough to run a business. My latest attempt was creating a paint party business that would probably have been a raging success if I could have got past the crazy fear of mucking it up.

Ironically, in my quest to overcome that fear, I found that my true passion is helping and teaching people which is what got me hung up in the paint parties and brought it all to a screeching halt.

I was a afraid I wasn’t a good enough artist and that I was teaching people the “wrong way to paint”… as if drinking wine and socializing could ever be the wrong way to paint!! I was worried I was doing a disservice by leading people down the wrong artistic path. I have to spit that feeling out like a nasty piece of rotten fruit.

Meanwhile, I’m working on taming that fear and creating a new way for me to help and teach folks. In February, I start training to be a Life Coach and my goal is to help people be more Courageous and have more Serenity in their lives.

I have recently started a project called Homegrown Serenity and I would love if you would LIKE the Facebook Page HERE! With this project I will be interviewing and talking to people to learn how they create Serenity in their lives and hopefully pick up some tips in creating it in my own life and sharing it with YOU.

I’m currently writing out the questions and (truth be told) building up my Courage to do the interviews!! I already have my first volunteer interviewee so I need to get going!!

Thank you for joining me!!

Sheila Morgan

P.S. Check out Kylie’s program: Making Friends With Fear

I’m not making anything off this link. I just think Kylie is too awesome not to share!!




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