The Journey to Serenity

You’ve heard the prayer asking for Serenity to accept the things we can’t change and Courage to change the things we can. That prayer really trips me up, especially the part:  Grant me the Wisdom to know the difference.

First of all, Wisdom does not come that easily. It is not something that can just be granted to you. It’s something you gain over time, through years of experience.

Second, how do you know if you can or can’t change something until you try? There are days when changing something isn’t possible and days when it absolutely is. And when we can’t change something, who says we have to accept it EXACTLY the way it is? You may not be able to change the fact that you have a small house, but do you have to accept that it’s cramped and crowded or can you make it feel roomier by hanging mirrors and getting rid of extra crap?? SURE YOU CAN!!

We need Courage and Serenity in varying doses every day, throughout the day and where does this Courage and Serenity actually come from? I believe they come from inside us and can be created BY us in the form of our environment. We were born with all the Courage we need to be amazing and to create a fabulous life, but life and circumstances can erode that Courage or at least cause it to be stuffed away somewhere to the point we forget we have it.

How do we get our Courage back? By giving it a safe place to come to. This is where Serenity comes in. If you are in your place of Serenity, you are naturally more courageous. It’s when your Serenity is broken that you allow Fear to take over. So it makes sense that the more we create and build our Serenity, the more we allow Courage to show up and sit with us. The more we hang out with our Courage, the more comfortable we get with it and the more likely it will be with us when we need it.

Everyone finds or creates Serenity in their own way. Your Serenity may be a large bank account, someone else’s may be lots of friends. For others, it could be a cozy place to read a book and a warm kitty on their lap. For still others, it could be swooshing down a mountain of fluffy snow or jogging the river trail. Whatever it is to you, take the time to create it, consistently visit it, and allow it to become an important part of your life. Don’t just let each day go by without at least experiencing a tiny bit of your Serenity.

This Month’s Affirmation: I have the Courage to change my life when I desire, the ability to create the Serenity I crave, and the Wisdom to know that I don’t have to accept anything just as it is.

How do you find your Serenity? Share in the Comments below:


One thought on “The Journey to Serenity

  1. I like hearing your thoughts on this and how you’re playing with the concepts and assumptions embedded in this well known prayer. I think the notion of something being “inside us” is fun to play with too. I like to think about humans as inherently social beings and how the doctrine of individualism has led us away from that. So I like to think of courage as created via our relationships with others. Maybe it’s what you do with all the validation you receive…sometimes in little pieces from many different people…about who you are. And you collect all that up, all the confidence that’s been bestowed on you from all your relationships, and you do something with it. You employ it, activate it, exercise it. And then people call that “courage”. I don’t know. I just made that up. But I like it! I also like the connection you make between serenity and courage. I’ve never heard that before. I can see how they would interplay. Maybe the activity of finding serenity is likewise doing something positive with what you’ve been given from others about how to enjoy and savor this strange thing called life. i.e. Doing laundry is a serenity inducing activity for me. It makes me think of my mom and how she went about doing laundry and how she always hung her laundry on a line — an outdoor line whenever she could, or an indoor line in our basement. The dryer was just for towels. She never seemed in a hurry when she did the laundry. I use to like hanging up the clothes with her in our backyard. Thank you for getting me musing on this !


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