I Want to Hear What YOU Think

Let’s talk.


My interviews are painless and simple.

Basically, I just want to have a conversation with you about Serenity: how do YOU define it and how do you create it in your life?

This project idea came about because I feel that the big push right now is for everyone to perform and excel and do AMAZING things and constantly be a big shot and go go go and, quite frankly, it’s EXHAUSTING!

At least it is to me and I’m sure it is for many others. I’m in the process of creating more serenity in my life and I want to be able to share that with others. Since I am by no means an expert in the field, I thought maybe I can learn from other people how they find serenity in the midst of all the noise and drama.

And speaking of experts, we’ll chat about you and what you’re passionate about. If you have a business, we can even talk about that and give you a little free promo, if you’d like.

Do you mind if the video is posted on social media or my website? If not, it doesn’t have to be, just let me know. I’ll send you a consent form that gives me permission to use the video and its content, but I want to be respectful and not share it if you’re nervous about having your interview public. Mostly, I want to gather the information regarding serenity and come up with a way to share it with others using various media.

Dacia gave me permission to post her video (see it here) in order to show people what to expect from the interview. My goal is to interview 100 people and your interview won’t necessarily become public. I’d like to talk to people from all walks of life…. even the shy folks 🙂

So, if you’re interested in being interviewed for this serenity building project, just click here and fill out the Interview Request form.

I hope you join us… Cheers!!


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