I want to learn how people create serenity in their everyday lives.

When I looked around and it seemed as though everyone had their lives figured out, except me. My friends knew who all the hot bands were, went to concerts, and enjoyed their school years. I always felt so awkward and out of the loop.

What I didn’t realize is that I was the cause of that. I was living my life in a default mode where I didn’t seek out the things to make my life good and enjoyable. I was waiting for those things to just magically show up.

You may be doing the same thing. You may look at other people who seem so peaceful and relaxed and wonder “how can they be so happy?” You may not realize it, but you can be the cause of your own happiness.

I decided I would actually go out and ASK people how they do it. What are their secrets to living a happy life? How do they manage the inevitable drama? What about bills, kids, work?

I managed to talk to  (and record) three people and ask them about their lives and what they’re doing to live a happy, fulfilled life. I have found that some people create music to relieve stress, some want to be organized and plan their next day COMPLETELY the night before, some have taken a second job to add to their income, and others have QUIT their job to have more time for things that are a higher priority to them.

Everyone is different and we all respond in our way to varying techniques. The important thing is that YOU find what works for YOU like I’m figuring out what works for me. Trust me, it’s an ongoing process!

Every day, I’m looking for what works for me. Sometimes, I think I’ve found “the answer” only to lose it again. Small upsets bump me off the rails of life at times and I have to climb back up the embankment to get back on the track.

This blog will be my space to keep track of my discoveries. I’ll post the interviews and write about what I’m learning.

Maybe someday, I can interview you to see how you have learned to create serenity in your life.

Peace and love, Sheila